Product instructions of TL-40ZA

Date:2015-11-25 9:00:14


TL-40ZA is a kind of low molecular weight polyacrylic acid ammoniu dispersant. Especially in titanium pigment, calcium carbonate, TL-40ZA can significantly improve the pigments and fillers dispersed slurry concentration and stability. TL-40ZA is the dispersant which can surround a layer of charge with the particles surface, and the particles are mutually exclusive, so as to achieve the effect of stable slurry.

1.Typical Properties

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Appearance:clear solution*

Chemical nature:acrylic homopolymer

Grade:sodium salt

Total solids (%):40±2

pH as is (at 25°C):7.0-9.0

Bulk density (at 25°C):1.10~1.30

Viscosity Brookfield (mPa.s/cps at 25°C):40-100


With little added amount, it can have excellent effect, shorten the time of grinding and dispersing time, can significantly increase the concentration of pigment and filler, improve the storage stability and reduce the occurrence of precipitation. TL-40ZA can be widely used in papermaking, ceramics, textile and other industries (such as the presence of Na+ ions will cause adverse reactions, can not be used as sodium dispersant).

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