TL-880 Water-based Paint Dispersant

Date:2015-11-25 9:03:07

1、Product index


Solid content:40±1% (or produced according to customer s’ requirements)

Viscosity (25℃):80-200mPa•s

pH Value:7.0-9.0

Solubility: soluble in water


2、Product Performance

TL-880 is an efficient and low cost water-based paint. It has efficient dispersity and strong bearing towards pigments. It keeps low foaming generation rate during dispersing process and steady viscosity of pigment system after paint forming, which has well freeze-thaw stability.


3、Package & Storage

1. The product is packed with plastic drum of capacity of 200L. Net weight of each plastic drum is 250±1Kg or can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

2. The product is sun protected and anti-freezing. The storage temperature shall be 5-30℃. The guarantee period is 6 months.

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