TC-421 Ground Aluminum Ceramics Dispersant

Date:2015-11-25 9:18:17

1、Product index


Solid content:42±1%

pH Value:      6.0-7.0

Viscosity (25℃):   250-450mPa.s     


2、Product Performance

The product is a new type of modified polycarboxylic acid sodium, which is especially suitable for the grinding of various ceramic slurries. It is mainly used as additive in fields including aluminum ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, zirconia ceramics, magnetic materials, electronic ceramics, magnesium ceramics and household ceramics. The viscosity of processed material will be reduced greatly by mixing TC-421 dispersant during slurry grinding process, which is convenient for material processing. Slurry viscosity is stable after dispersing. The stability is quite good at different temperatures and pH values. 


3、Package & Storage

1. The product is packed with plastic drum of capacity of 200L. Net weight of each plastic drum is 250±1Kg or can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

2. The product is sun protected and anti-freezing. The storage temperature shall be 5-30℃. The guarantee period is 6 months.

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