TC-431A/TC-450B Ceramic Glaze Dispergator

Date:2015-11-25 9:19:01

1、Product index

Appearance:Light yellow to amber, colorless liquid

Solid content:43±1%(or 45±1%)

pH Value:6.0-7.0

Viscosity (25℃):  500-800mPa.s(or 800-1200mPa.s)      


2、Product Performance

The product is a new type of modified polycarboxylic acid sodium, which is especially suitable for the dispersion and deflocculation. The product is anionic dispersant and can be miscible with water in any proportion. The product can absorb on the surface of various kinds of small particles and produce static electrostatic repulsion to disperse materials and avoid settlement and pig shin. The stability is quite good at different temperatures and pH values. The product has little foam, no toxicity or corrosion.


3、Package & Storage

1. The product is packed with plastic drum of capacity of 200L. Net weight of each plastic drum is 250±1Kg or can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

2. The product is sun protected and anti-freezing. The storage temperature shall be 5-30℃. The guarantee period is 6 months.

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